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Guided tours for groups, clubs and company days out

Aschaffenburg Tourist Information in partnership with the Tour Guide Network offers a wide variety of guided tours for large or small groups, with dates and times arranged to suit your requirements.

You can discover Aschaffenburg in one of three formats:
- 60 minutes for up to 14 people at €60
- 90/120/150/180 minutes for up to 14 people from €78
- 60/90/120/150/180 minutes for up to 25 people from €70

See below for a selection of guided tours. The tourist information office will be happy to assist you in creating your individual itinerary. For advice and bookings please contact or +49 6021 395 800 or +49 6021 395 801

Guided tours from 60 minutes

Fischerviertel ©H. Leue

Aschaffenburg’s old quarter

Getting to know Aschaffenburg

On this guided tour, you will explore the hidden corners of Aschaffenburg’s historical old quarter and learn more about the archbishops and electors of Mainz, the canons at the abbey and the townspeople. Then as now, the townscape was dominated by the Church of St Peter and Alexander, the artisans’ quarter and the Renaissance palace and its keep.

Aschaffenburg exquisit

Sightseeing coach tour

Sightseeing tour in your own coach

A great way of exploring Aschaffenburg in comfort. The tour guide joins your coach at Johannisburg Palace for a tour of the town centre with great views of the local places of interest, during which you will learn fascinating facts about Aschaffenburg and its various districts.

Starts from: Bus parking in the town centre

Ridingerwiese und Schloss // BSV ©Till Benzin

From castle to palace

Guided outdoor tour of Johannisburg Palace

The original medieval castle was replaced by a magnificent Mannerist palace, which was restored to its former glory after suffering substantial war damage and is now home to several museums. Johannisburg Palace was designed by an architect from Strasbourg and took only a few years to build. You can trace the whole history of the site, from castle to palace, using models and surviving architecture.


Park Schönbusch Schlösschen // BSV ©Till Benzin

Between Arcadia and utopia

Getting to know Schönbusch Park

"Everything appears natural, so well is the artifice hidden": on this tour of Schönbusch Park, you will explore the highlights of its design and learn about its roots in the principles of English landscape gardening. Schönbusch Park was one of the first public parks in 18th century Germany to adopt a new design aesthetic. To this day, its design elements reflect the contemporary longing for a lost paradise and people’s search for a truly humane and liberal society.


Reliquienkalender // BSV ©Till Benzin

The cardinal and the monk

Guided tour from the palace to the ruins in Schöntal Park, exploring the story of Albrecht von Brandenburg and his adversary Martin Luther at the time of the Reformation

The tense conflict that marked the period of the Reformation was personified by two very different characters: Cardinal Albrecht von Brandenburg and Martin Luther. The former fled from Protestant Halle to Aschaffenburg with his treasures, as the town was one of his secondary residences as Archbishop of Main; the latter stood for a spirit of debate, and ideas of change and reform.


Guided tours from 90 minutes

Pompejanum // BSV (Foto: Till Benzin)

Aschaffenburg’s mediterranean side

Guided walk exploring Aschaffenburg’s mediterranean charm

On this guided walk through the old quarter you will explore Aschaffenburg’s mediterranean charm. Depending on the duration of the tour, you will discover different aspects of the old quarter, from the area around the Church of St Peter and Alexander, Theaterplatz square, and the palace to leafy walkways and the Pompeiianum – but only the two-hour tour includes all of these.


Park Schöntal ©W. Gulder

From game park to ‘beautiful valley’

Themed guided tour on the origins of Schöntal Park

All of Aschaffenburg’s parks and gardens go back to Elector Friedrich Carl Joseph von Erthal, who had a real passion for them. It was thanks to him that the old town moat and the game park were transformed into landscaped gardens in the English style, complete with an enchanted gorge and a ruin (the former Beguine convent built under Cardinal Albrecht von Brandenburg) as points of interest. Allow yourself to be transported back to the time of master painter Mathis, known as Grünewald, and explore the eventful history of what is now Schöntal Park.


Sandkirche ©W. Gulder

From the abbey to the Schöntal ruins

Guided tour from the Church of St Peter and Alexander to the ruins in Schöntal Park

For a long time, Aschaffenburg was part of the archbishopric of Mainz, and the townscape is still largely shaped by that influence. Setting out from the magnificent Church of St Peter and Alexander, the tour continues past Schönborner Hof to Sandkirche church and to the ruins in Schöntal Park. The tour finishes at Herstall tower, a popular meeting place for local people.


Dalbergstraße ©W. Gulder

Bars, cinemas and entertainment

A tour of Aschaffenburg’s entertainment venues

Where do, and did, the people of Aschaffenburg go to meet friends, enjoy themselves, or simply to have a nice time? Accompany us on a stroll through the town as you discover some of these venues past and present.


Historie ©Pixabay

No women, no way!

Guided tour focusing on women who have close links to Aschaffenburg

Famous and infamous women, the good and the bad, have all left their traces in Aschaffenburg. How do Aschaffenburg’s main attractions look from a woman’s perspective? On a tour of the old quarter you will get to know the confident, the scandalous, the selfless and the holy.


Graffiti Kleine Metzgergasse ©W. Gulder

Aschaffenburg art for philistines

A guided walk with a difference around the old quarter

What is a politician from the newly formed Federal Republic of West Germany doing at Aschaffenburg’s palace? How does a man’s portrait become a silhouette on a glass tower? What is a gnomon, and what on earth is the cult of Our Lady of the Snows? All of these questions relate to a range of different objects in the old quarter, and we will explore their respective stories.


Jüdisches Museum // ©Till Benzin

Jewish life – past and present

Guided tour exploring Jewish life in Aschaffenburg

Trace the history of Jewish life from the present back to the Middle Ages. In the 12th century, the Jewish community enjoyed protected status as they filled the coffers of the ruling electors with money. But in times of plague, they were persecuted for supposedly poisoning wells. The preservation of their religious customs and traditions made them identifiable and vulnerable. This tour provides an insight into Jewish life and traditions through the centuries.


Apfel, Nuss & Mandelkern - Festival-themed tour of Aschaffenburg

Guided tour of the old quarter exploring Christmas traditions (only during the festive season)

There are all kinds of delicious treats to enjoy at this special time of year. What was on offer at the Christmas market in the old days, and how was Christmas celebrated back then? On a walk around the festively decorated old quarter, you will find out where the Christmas market used to be, and visit the Nativity scene in the Church of St Peter and Alexander. You will hear how familiar Christmas customs came about and learn the meaning of well-known festive symbols.


Tours in historical costume (90 minutes)

Kastanienallee Schloss // BSV ©W. Gulder

Of pious women, priests and all kinds of riff-raff

Themed guided tour of night-time Aschaffenburg

As night falls, you will accompany a Beguine nun on her way through medieval Aschaffenburg. Delving into almost forgotten corners, you will explore some of the town’s most charming nooks and crannies. You will meet Master Mathis the painter, also known as Grünewald, as well as noblemen, guild members and priests, but also sinister types too. You will learn interesting facts about the guilds and rulers, but also about the less virtuous aspects of town life.


Hexen in AB ©Pixabay

Witches in Aschaffenburg

Guided walk

What is a witch? Can you recognise a witch by looking at her? How easy was it to get caught up in a witch trial? There were several waves of witch hunts in Aschaffenburg at the threshold of the modern era. Our guided walk will show you who made money from witch trials, where the gallows hump, the witches tower, the burning stakes and the witches lane used to be, and who put an end to the persecution of witches.