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Guided tours for families

The Aschaffenburg Tour Guide Network offers educational guided tours by arrangement. Visit vhs Aschaffenburg to find all guided tours for children.

For bookings please contact:

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Stadtdetektive - Vater und Sohn

The Aschaffenburg detectives

A tour of discovery in medieval Aschaffenburg

The detectives set out to discover how Aschaffenburg came to be built. Along the way they will encounter medieval canons, artisans with unusual trades, and an ugly face that was once fixed to a certain place in town. But how do you find your way around town? And how do you read a map?

Aschaffenburger Altstadt ©D. Vasicek

Of princes, priests and all kinds of artisans

A journey through Aschaffenburg’s 1,000-year history

Everyone had their place in medieval society. Princes, priests, butchers and tanners lived in different areas of town, yet they were all reliant on each other. The priests could be found near the church, while the nobles crowded around the royal court. The tanners, meanwhile, were kept at a distance for good reasons. Over the course of 1,000 years, the small medieval fortified settlement of Ascaphisburg evolved into a modern, confident town whose history is reflected in its street names and houses.

Kleine Metzgergasse ©W. Gulder

Hex, hex, hex

Guided tour on the persecution of witches

Do witches really exist? And how would you recognise one? The ghost of the ‘Hechtbeckerin’ from Landinggraben is proof of the consequences that slander, superstition and stupidity can have for people. Nowadays, it’s almost fashionable to be called a witch, but 400 years ago it was the first step towards being burned at the stake. Explore the history of the persecution of witches on this guided tour.

Schloss und Park Schönbusch / BSV ©Till Benzin

Fun and games in Schönbusch Park

A walk exploring the history of Schönbusch Park

What do a ravine, cattle and the ‘Ascheberger Maulaff’ have in common? Younger visitors can head off on an expedition through the park, where they will discover the secrets of a prince-elector and his gardener, who knew how to disguise the park’s artifice so well that even today many people think it is all natural.