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Accessible Aschaffenburg

Guided tours of Aschaffenburg’s old quarter and beautiful Schönbusch Park have been adapted to the needs of people with restricted mobility. We are here to provide you with further information and advice.

Packages & bookings:

Tel.: +49 6021 395 800 or +49 6021 395 801

Barrier-free map of Aschaffenburg

Disabled parking spaces in Aschaffenburg

Pompejanum Winter

Step-free routes without a guide

Nilkheim Park, Schönbusch Park & Kleine Schönbuschallee, Main riverbank

Historical old quarter (cobbles!)

Palace Park & Pompeiianum Garden: access via Karlstrasse (cobbles!) after the Capuchin abbey is step-free up to the Pompeiianum (only the ground floor of the Pompeiianum is accessible. Toilets are available). The park is closed after dark (9pm in summer, 6pm in winter).

Offenes Schöntal & Schöntal Park, Grossmutterwiese, Grünbrücke Park, Fasanerie Park

Pompejanum // BSV (Foto: Till Benzin)

Attractions & museums

Johannisburg Palace is accessible. For group tours (advance bookings on Tel.: +49 6021 386 570), please allow extra time for taking the lift, which has room for two wheelchairs. The toilets are suitable for powered wheelchairs.

Only the ground floor of the Pompeiianum is accessible. If you book in advance (Tel.: +49 6021 218 012), a ramp will be placed over the single step. Toilets available.

Pompejanum // BSV (Foto: Till Benzin)

Other sights and museums

Jesuit Church Art Gallery is accessible via the courtyard. There is a doorbell at the courtyard entrance, and a ramp is in place. Toilets are available. It is best to book in advance on Tel.: +49 6021 218 698

The cloisters and the Church of St Peter and Alexander (Stiftskirche) are open on Saturday and Sunday between 1pm and 5pm. There is a ramp from the cloisters to the church, please contact the parish office for details on Tel.: +49 6021 22420