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Aschaffenburg for families

Kids’ map of Aschaffenburg

The kids’ map of Aschaffenburg lists a whole host of playgrounds and other adventures, chosen by primary school children in Aschaffenburg.

Thanks to the pupils for all their help in creating the kids’ map, and we hope they enjoy discovering even more opportunities to play.

The kids’ map is available here

Naturwissenschaftliches Museum Museen AB ©W. Gulder

Museums for children

Part of the natural history collection originates from the former royal school of forestry. The exhibition is particularly renowned for its extensive collection of insects and the in-depth exploration of the mineralogy and geology of the Spessart hills. The displays present indigenous flora and fauna, as well as some more exotic plants and animals.

Natural History Museum
Schönborner Hof

Guided tours for families and children

For tours and workshops on specific dates for children, families, school groups or holiday playgroups, please book through:

Main Golf ©Till Benzin

Adventure miniature golf

A miniature golf adventure for all the family. Adventure golf is a type of minigolf with added fun. The game is played with proper golf clubs on greens with many natural obstacles. The fairways are between 8 and 22 meters long with undulating terrain. Key to mastering this game is the ability to read the terrain and hit the ball with the right amount of force.

Wildpark ©Pixabay

Haibach wildlife park

Haibach wildlife park was founded in 1968 by Alfred Pohlmann, who brought nine deer from his zoo in Geislitz near Gelnhausen to Haibach. In 1971, it became a municipal park. More and more animals were added over the years, and visitors can now meet many different indigenous species.

Haibach wildlife park



Teamwork, accuracy and tactics are key in this indoor sport. Cool obstacles, smoke machines, thumping music and light effects await in the intricately designed arena. The players enter it and hide, and a countdown signals when the game begins. Each game lasts 15 minutes, leaving no time to be bored. Get ready for all-action fun!

Lasertag Aschaffenburg UG & Co. KG

Jump'n'Fly Trampolinpark

Trampolines & indoor climbing

The hot new sport from the USA for all the family. 1,300m² of fun!

Jump'n'Fly trampoline park Aschaffenburg


Fun for all ages! A climbing adventure awaits.

Clip'n'Climb climbing arena Aschaffenburg

Airbase Trampolinpark

Hösbach trampoline and fun park

The region’s largest and most modern trampoline and fun park features no fewer than 16 themed areas with over 60 trampolines and attractions. Look forward to 3,500m² of airborne adventures!

Airbase trampoline park